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About FUTURE360

Future360 is dedicated to raising awareness about transformative technology and a sustainable lifestyle. Founded by TV host and environmental journalist, Sarah Backhouse, our mission is inspire people to experience the world, responsibly.  We tell stories about solutions.  We believe video is the perfect medium to visually communicate the importance of sustainability and its impact on our future. We traverse the world to uncover innovation and inspiration that is transforming the way we live, work, commute and power a more sustainable future.

Our platform’s video content covers the spectrum from technology to architecture, mobility to travel, business and more.  Our geographic scope includes: the US; Asia; Europe; and the Middle East. Our videos seek to engage global citizens in conversation and collaboration, and provide a deep understanding of the health and economic benefits that sustainability can bring.  Our media services division, F360 LABS, develops content for purposeful brands, companies and organizations. A sustainable future is inevitable. We want to accelerate its adoption.

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