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PEW Clean Energy and FLoW

Future360 was delighted to attend the First Look West (FLoW) Cleantech Business Plan Competition hosted by Pew Clean Energy and USC. The networking event and awards presentation bought together the best and brightest cleantech talent. Idea ranged from the latest clean energy technologies across a number of verticals.

The keynote presentation came from the impressive Andrew Chung, Partner at Kholsa Ventures. Chung spoke of the key drivers of cleantech innovation including massive markets as well as corporate and social need.

Fortune Brainstorm Green

We've been so busy filming, we've forgotten to write. Last week we attended Fortune Brainstorm Green hosted at the gorgeous Ritz Carlton in Laguna Niguel where we interviewed business leaders, cleantech entrepreneurs and innovators creating a more sustainable future.

The Time is Right for Cleantech

We're nearing the end of Operation Cleantech. This campaign was designed to educate, entertain and empower global citizens about clean technology, and get those of us working in the cleantech bubble to see what the industry looks like from the outside. So far we've received some great feedback. A mother from pre-school liked that cleantech was being to explained to her in layman's terms, while a VC tweeted: "After 10 years at this I am too quick to forget this is a foreign language to most people".

Day Three of Abu Dhabi

Future Lovers

Day three of Abu Dhabi has been the absolute highlight of the trip with a visit to the sustainable, cleantech cluster city of Masdar. The moment we disembarked from the bus, we were whisked away in a fleet of electric vehicles for our tour of the city, which includes the 10MW solar farm that powers the city.

Day Two of Abu Dhabi

Future Lovers

Day two in UAE certainly didn't disappoint. The day kicked off with the opening ceremony of the World Future Energy Summit which featured keynote addresses by: French President, Francois Hollande; President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner: and Queen Rania of Jordon, who spoke about the effect climate change has on the world's most vulnerable.

There was an opportunity to squeeze in some culture at Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. The eighth largest mosque the world houses the world's largest carpet and world's second largest chandelier.

Day One of Abu Dhabi

Future lovers

A 15.5 hour flight followed by 1.5 hour drive brings us to the capital of the United Arab Emirate, and hub of innovation, Abu Dhabi. Day One kicks off with a 1.5 hour ride on a bus filled with green journalists through the desert outside Abu Dhabi.

Abu Dhabi here we come

Future360 will be heading to Abu Dhabi in the new year to see the latest in cleantech innovation from the United Arab Emirates. On the agenda for filming is Shams 1 -- slated to be the biggest concentrating solar plant in the world -- capable of generating 100MW of electricity.

We'll also visit Masdar, a planned city designed to be a hub for cleantech companies.

LA Auto Show

Future360 previewed the latest and greatest in green cars at the LA Auto Show. Stay tuned for a series of videos on the most exciting electric, hybrid and clean diesel cars to debut in 2013. Here's a sneak peak:

Say goodbye to particulate matter with Audi A8 clean diesel vehicle which out performs most hybrids and diesel cars in its class.
Chevy, makers of the Volt, are set to release their Spark EV, their first all electric car in the spring of 2013.

24 Hours of Reality

We've just wrapped another 24 Hours of Reality. This year's broadcast was wild success (almost as wild as the weather), garnering some 16.3 million views. And on the heels of Superstorm Sandy, this year's theme of Dirty Weather couldn't have been more appropriate. The connection between dirty weather and dirty energy was made from every corner of the globe from Antarctica to Sub Saharan Africa.

Investor Connect at the Cleantech Open

I've never speed dated... until today. Well to clarify, I had my first experience as a speed dating voyeur. And I must say it was pretty exciting.

The Cleantech Open Global Forum kicked off this morning with Investor Connect. 70 entrepreneurs had the opportunity to pitch to 60 venture capitalists for seven minutes: three minutes to pitch, and the rest to hear VC questions and feedback.