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Ann Hand: Top Tips for Attracting Investment

Ann Hand Ann Hand: Top Tips for Attracting Investment

Ann Hand, CEO of Project Frog, spoke exclusively to Future360 about how to attract investment dollars. Namely: understanding your audience; and delivering a bold repositioning statement.

Having just came off the heels of a successful fund raise, Hand likens the experience to launching a company. First, understanding what the audience, or in this case the venture capitalists, think of her company, Project Frog. To this end, Hand sought to re-position her brand proposition in the context of the economy and where cleantech investment is going. Second, making sure that the offering was a bold restatement. As cleantech investors hear between 300 and 500 pitches a year, entrepreneurs have to find a way to make a pitch memorable to make it stand out. Third, figuring out which VCs have a portfolio of companies that are complimentary to your core business.

Project Frog was founded on the notion that there is a smarter way to build. Regular construction, with few exceptions, has remained largely unchanged for centuries. While products may have improved in the last 100 years, the process to deliver a building is nearly identical.

As CEO of Project Frog, Hand is leveraging the company’s game-changing innovation to grow markets, develop new products and increase brand awareness for its industry-leading smart buildings. She’s on a mission to revolutionize how buildings are built and redefine standards for how they perform…she intends to make the construction industry a lot better.