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ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit

Future360 travels to Washington DC for the ARPA-E Energy Innovation Summit where the nation's best minds in academia, business and government come together to advance energy technology innovation.

The Advanced Research Projects Agency is the lean, mean research arm of the DOE. It funds high-risk, high-reward research that has relatively high risk of failure.

While the conference draws big keynote speakers like Bill Clinton, Bill Gates, Steven Chu and Arun Majumdar, the real stars are the entrepreneurs and innovators of the Technology Showcase.

Makani's Airborne Wind Power systems uses 90% less materials than conventional turbines, costs less to produce, can access stronger winds at altitude and opens up new areas of wind resource.

Vorbeck Materials produces Graphene, a highly conductive nano material that can be incorporated into lithium batteries. This results in high power, fast charging, and more cycles before the battery deteriorate.

Umpqua Energy has created an advanced emission reduction system for the internal combustion engine. By injecting hydrogen in any engine, they are able to reduce emissions of hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide, nitrous oxide and particulate matter by a staggering 85 - 100%.

Sheetak curbs carbon and GHG emissions caused by air conditioning refrigerants. With its roots in advanced semiconductor technology, the company is improving solid state cooling systems by using proprietary thermoelectric materials to achieve significant energy efficiency and cost savings.

Envia's recording breaking 400kwH next generation lithium ion batteries promises to slash the price of 300 mile range electric vehicles by cutting battery costs by more than 50%.