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Barun Singh: Top 3 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Barun Singh: Top 3 Tips for Entrepreneurial Success

Future360 caught up with Founder and CTO of WegoWise to get his Top 3 tips for entrepreneurial success. Insights include: stepping outside your comfort zone; staying focused; and not compromising on the quality of your product.

“You’ve got to be prepared to look out of your comfort zone in terms of your partners and products. You may be comfortable with a certain domain, but that may not be the domain that needs the technology the most. So being open to learning about other domains is really helpful. Number two, trying to make a really high quality product and really staying focused. We’ve been in situations where we could have done one of thirty different things. The hardest thing is to say no, and that you’re going to stick with the one thing that you’ve been doing, and being the best at doing that. Three, don’t ever compromise on the quality of your product. We do web applications. When we think of our web practices and our design practices, we try to be really diligent. We try to release fewer features and release them really well, than trying to get everything out the door really quickly.”

WegoWise provides utility tracking and analysis. The platform offers a low-cost and easy to use online tool that can give expert answers to non-experts. WegoWise believes that data-driven energy efficiency investments result in the most cost-effective and substantial outcomes in building performance, particularly in the affordable housing sector where resources must be carefully allocated.
WegoWise is able to identify high-payback opportunities with minimal building information, at a low cost and without the need for additional expertise on the user’s part. It is also able to easily track changes in energy and water use after building upgrades have been made.