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Chris Rhoades: Top 3 Tips for Getting a VC’s Attention

Chris Rhoades: Top 3 Tips for Getting a VC’s Attention

Future360 caught up with SAIL Capital VC, Chris Rhoades, to hear his Top 3 Tips for Getting a VC’s Attention.

“If your presentation materials don’t clearly articulate that value proposition, you’re not going to get the sort of attention that you need. Many inventors and engineers don’t have an eye for the marketing and story-telling that needs to be done. Secondly, you’ve got to understand and articulate how to get in the door. We get a couple of hundred emails a day, so it’s not going to work with just an email with an attachment. You’ve really got to find a way to network your way into the VC. Hey you went to Berkeley, I went to Berkeley, I’d love for you to see my presentation. That’s a way to grab someone’s attention and appeal to them emotionally. Thirdly, I think, the market size and how you’re planning to take it to market. Proving that you’ve got the team that can execute. From a venture capital perspective, the technology or product is important, but the team that can roll that out are equally or more important.”

Rhoades joined SAIL in 2011, following the successful exit of a company he ran as CEO for eight years. His career included two distinct and synergistic phases: first, working in international institutional and corporate finance for Merrill Lynch and second, acquiring, operating, financing, and merging companies as CEO.