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CNS Response

CNS Response explores a new technology developed by CA company, CNS Response, which promises to revolutionize the field of psychiatry. CNS Response applies cloud analytics to one of the most impenetrable mysteries of medicine, which is the human brain. When treating patients for depression, anxiety and PTSD, psychiatrists lack objective data and so are forced to prescribe using trial and error.

The company’s technology, PEER, combines online data from real doctor and patient outcomes and pairs it with a traditional test of brain function called EEG. 84 peer reviewed studies of medication response using quantitative EEG have been completed so far.

It’s estimated that more than 20% of the Iraq and Afghanistan vets suffer from PTSD and depression. The US military has embarked on 2000 soldier PEER trial. Suicide and mental health concerns are the number one issue affecting Iraq and Afghanistan vets. It’s not the just the military, PEER has also been validated in patients with difficult histories of treatment response.

An intelligent algorithm, the PEER database continues to learn form the experience of the clinician, until it takes a form of artificial intelligence. This makes future possibilities for the technology all the more exciting, something being recognized at the highest levels of government. Visit for more information.