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Coda Electric Car

Coda Electric Car

Future360 takes a driving tour of Los Angeles in the CODA electric sedan.

As one of the largest electric vehicle markets in the world, it’s no surprise CODA's HQ is in Los Angeles. While the company is based in the US, their supply chain is global. Says VP of marketing Thomas Hausch: “We have our motor and engine built in Colorado, it’s then shipped to China and assembled to a module called a glider, the glider is shipped back to Northern California and put it together with our industry leading battery pack”.

The exterior of the car doesn't scream "future", but the interior is packed with the latest technology. So is the CODA fun to drive? It does 0 - 60 in 9.5 seconds, has great torque, and the heavy battery gives the car stability. The CODA is also quick to charge, 2 hours on a 240 volt gives it 50 miles of juice. But CODA’s biggest selling point is its range, to 125 miles, alleviating range anxiety.

In addition to their electric vehicles, CODA has two other pillars to its business model. CODA sells their propulsion system to other OEMs, and uses the same battery technology for energy storage applications.

CODA believes there is room for many companies to succeed in the electric vehicle market. Says CEO Phil Murtaugh: “We think the more alternative propulsion vehicles that the industry can sell, the better off this country is going to be”.

CODA has shown it has the range for our driving tour of Los Angeles. Time will tell if it will become a major player in the EV market of tomorrow.