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Darren Beck, Director Environmental Initiatives, Sprint

Darren Beck, Director Environmental Initiatives, Sprint caught up with Darren Beck, Director of Environmental Initiatives at Sprint. Sprint's current environmental focus is on energy efficiency as it pertains to servicing their 55 million customers. They are also in the process of transition, taking down over half of their legacy towers, and ensuring that waste recycled, reused or disposed of responsibly.

Reuse and recycling are also high priority when it comes to the product division. Customers are being incentivized to return product through instant credits.

Sprint's ability to do a lot with little comes down to five key sustainability pillars. 1. Focussing on what matters. In Sprint's case, energy conservation and carbon reduction. 2. Product sustainability, including taking products back from consumers and recycling them. 3. Internal factors like executive governance and creating employee champions. 4. External acknowledgments like sustainability indexes and GRI 5. Ability to tell a story both internally and externally.

Challenges include being able to convene stakeholders to be able to share goals.

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