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Fisker Karma Electric Car & Pulstar Pulse Plug

Fisker Karma Electric Car & Pulstar Pulse Plug

Future360 motors to Irvine, California to explore the latest in green transportation. We see how two technologies -- Fisker Karma and Pulse Plug -- are cutting carbon and driving sustainable transportation forward.

Henrik Fisker's vision for the Fisker Karma was to create "an environmentally friendly car with no comprises". The Karma can do 0 -- 60 in less than 6 seconds, has the power of a V8 with better fuel efficiency than a Prius.

Fisker wanted to give drivers the freedom to go "wherever they want, whenever they want", so opted for an extended range electric over a pure electric. The Karma's first 50 miles are electric, and then the four-cylinder engine kicks in to power it another 250 miles. With its 300-mile range -- roughly equivalent to that of a traditional gas-powered car -- drivers don't have to deal with "range anxiety".

Enerpulse is the manufacturer of a next generation spark plug. Developed at the Sandia National Laboratories, the Pulstar Pulse Plug was designed to increase the power of a spark plug by igniting the gasoline in an engine's cylinder more completely and creating a more efficient burn. This increases torque and improves horsepower, resulting in better fuel economy and less CO2 emissions.