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Jigar Shah: Media's Role in Cleantech

Jigar Shah: Media's Role in Cleantech

We spoke with Inerjys VC Jigar Shah on how the media can help educate and excite citizens about clean technology. Shah had some interesting insights on this topic.

Firstly, in the tech world, media is interested in entrepreneurs behind the companies and products, there's more interest in Mark Zuckerberg and his meteoric rise than Facebook itself. However, when it comes to cleantech, the opposite is true. Media only care about the outcomes, not the entrepreneurs behind it.

Secondly, the consumer is the key. The consumer has to see that cleantehch makes their live better, and richer. We're being told that it's great to put solar panels on your roof because it helps the country in some patriotic way, but in fact there's a bunch of other benefits that directly helps the consumer: it let's you survive hurricanes, and reduces your energy bill. I think that that story hasn’t been told.