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Silicon Valley's Cleantech Building Innovations

Silicon Valley's Cleantech Building Innovations

Future360 travels to the Silicon Valley to experience bleeding edge green building technologies. Lunera, Enlighted, Soladigm and Cypress Enviro Systems promise to transform lighting, lighting controls, windows, and turn analogue buildings into digital ones.

Lunera Lighting is a tech company that designs and manufacture high performance LED lighting fixtures for commercial buildings. LEDs improve the quality of light, lower operating costs, enhance productivity and reduce carbon footprint.

Soladigm is the developer of energy-efficient dynamic glass, which can change from clear to tinted on demand. This results in cost savings, environmental benefits and an unobstructed view for occupants.

Cypress Envirosystems is a developer of a wide range of technologies used to retrofit existing commercial and industrial buildings. From wireless gauge readers to pneumatic thermostats, the technologies are non-invasive and boast a payback of 18 months.

Enlighted Inc.'s lighting control and senor network technology can individually measure and monitor light at each lighting fixture, saving 65 -- 75% of traditional lighting costs.