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Silicon Valley Cleantech - The Future of Green Building

Silicon Valley Cleantech - The Future of Green Building

Future360 heads back to the Silicon Valley where the intersection of green building and technology is taking place. We unveil the next generation of greentech companies with breakthroughs in data, water, energy and lighting.

First up, Enmetric -- a developer of enterprise plugload management systems for commercial buildings. Their smart power strip system technology is designed to eliminate energy waste.

Next up, Daylighting -- a manufactuer of high performance daylighting fixtures that brings the outside in. Capitalizing on a free source of energy, Daylighting drives health and performance benefits, and cost savings, to its customers.

SCIenergy -- a cloud based energy management company for the commercial market. SCIenergy’s software mines the “fifth fuel”, aka wasted energy, by optimizing building performance.

Final stop, Aquacue -- a web-based water management technology and services company. The technology can detect leaks, optimize water use and motivate smarter behaviors through neighborhood competitions.