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Jetwing Blue

Jetwing Blue

Jetwing Blue is a luxurious beachside resort conveniently located nearby Sri Lanka’s Bandaranaike international airport.

Guest rooms and hallways are illuminated by solar energy. A power-in-use indicator fitted in each room, allows guests to see when the electricity they consumed comes from the sun, or the grid. Key cards ensure no lights or TVs are left on once guests have left their room. The hotel is fitted out with energy saving LED and CFL bulbs and LED backlit LCD TVs. Clay tiled roofs and insulated ceilings reduce heat loads.

The hotel’s centralized hot water system that is heated using 100% renewable energy. Water is heated through solar hot water panels during the day while a biomass boiler produces steam to generate hot water at night and provides steam for the laundry. Previously un-utilized land was converted to a thriving agricultural park, with a wide variety of crops grown and harvested for use in the hotel kitchens.

Jetwing Blue allows guests to enjoy natural beauty of the Sri Lankan seaside while experiencing the best sustainable luxury has to offer.