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Jetwing Yala

Jetwing Yala

Located in the deep South of Sri Lanka, a stone’s throw from of one of Asia’s best wildlife destinations, Jetwing Yala combines sustainability and nature for a uniquely wild experience.

Jetwing Yala boasts a 300 kw solar PV system, the largest privately owned installation in Sri Lanka. This powers 40% of the hotels electricity needs. A vapor absorption chiller powered by steam from a biomass boiler meets the hotel’s total air conditioning requirements. LEDs light the entire hotel including the swimming pool, and gardens.

The centralized hot water is heated through 100% renewable energy. Water is heated through solar during the day and the Biomass boiler at night. Key cards ensure no lights or LED TVs are left on once guests have left their rooms. Cooking in the staff cafeteria is entirely done sustainably through biomass stoves.

Guests can relax their body and conscience at Jetwing Yala’s spas and luxury eco-lodgings while enjoying an unforgettable wildlife experience.