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Jetwting Lagoon

Jetwting Lagoon

Overlooking the tranquil Negombo lagoon, situated just 20 miles from Colombo, Jetwing Lagoon is an elegant resort designed by one of the country’s leading architects.

Jetwing Lagoon is the first hotel in Sri Lanka to use a vapor absorption chiller, powered by a biomass boiler to service all the hotel’s air conditioning needs. An off grid solar PV system powers guestroom lighting and the centralized hot water system comes from 100% renewable energy. Water is heated through solar hot water panels by day and the biomass boiler generate hot water by night. Steam for the spa is also sustainably generated via a dedicated biomass boiler.

The hotel was the first in the nation to be fitted out entirely with energy saving LED bulbs including underwater lighting in the swimming pools. Key cards ensure all devices are off once guests have left their room. A sub metering system allows daily monitoring of electricity and water consumption, while a power analyzer offers real time and historical data. Clay tiled roofs and terracotta floors keep rooms cool and comfortable.

A spa resort that boasts the highest levels of sustainability, Jetwing Lagoon, promises to refresh and rejuvenate one’s mind, body and spirit.