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Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer, Verizon

Future360 spoke with Jim Gowen, Chief Sustainability Officer at Verizon, to learn about the company's sustainable initiatives.

Verizon set a 2020 goal to improve their carbon intensity metric by 50%. In two and a half years they have reached a 37% improvement.

The company launched its "Powerful Answers" campaign to answer the question of how they can use their networks to really bring about social innovation across energy management, healthcare, and sustainable solutions. Verizon will be awarding individuals or small businesses over 10 million dollars in creating those solutions using Verizon's technology as a backbone.

Verizon is also engaging its employees using Verizon Green Teams. They company has over 10,000 green team members around the globe, with a goal of reaching 15,000 by 2015. With the motto of "work green, live green", they are looking at how to bring simple green practices like energy efficiency and water reduction to the home. Verizon aspires to have their technology enable social change. Visit for more information.