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John Picard: The Top 5 Cleantech Keys to Success

John Picard John Picard: The Top 5 Cleantech Keys to Success

Cleantech evangelist gives Future360 exclusive insight into the Top 5 cleantech keys to success. These include efficiency, ease of installation, price point, payback and the game changing nature of a technology.

A cleantech company gets Picard’s attention when it can produce double-digit efficiencies in the existing market. Meaning it can install into the existing market without a lot of retrofit hassle – something that’s not very disruptive – that lands easily. The price point has to be either equal to or less than what is in the market today. Ideally it would have between a 12 month to 2 year payback. Although Picard won’t ignore a technology that has a longer payback -- 4 or 5 year -- as long as it’s really disruptive. If it’s a game changer, Picard will help grow it as he knows the importance of incubating a company’s success.

John Picard is a cleantech visionary. He was the instrumental in the greening of the Clinton White House. A founding member of the US Green Building Council, Picard persuaded the late Ray Anderson, CEO of Interface, to transition the petro-based carpet company into leading sustainable business enterprise.

Picard helped Gap, Inc. move from brick and mortar to online retailing, which sparked a merchandising revolution that redefined American business.
He designed and engineered the sustainability effort of Gregory Colbert’s travelling photo and film exhibit, Ashes and Snow, and was featured as the Green Prophet in the Discovery’s Planet Green docuseries, “Greensburg”.