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John Viera, Global Director of Sustainability, Ford

John Viera, Global Director of Sustainability, Ford

We spoke with John Viera, Global Director of Sustainability at the Ford Motor Company to hear about the latest sustainable innovations.

Ford offers a range of electrified vehicles -- hybrids, plug-in hybrids and fully electrified vehicles. For example, the C-Max and Fusion are offered as a hybrid and plug-in hybrid, while the Focus is pure battery electric.

Ford are interested in allowing people to broaden their sustainable lifestyle beyond vehicles. To that end, Ford partnered with Eaton, Whirlpool, SunPower, Nest, Infineon and Georgia Tech in an initiative called MyEnergi Lifestyle to allow home owners to link an electric car with smart appliances and solar panels to significantly reduce the amount of energy that they use by about 60%.

Ford are also very excited to be using a lot of recycled content to produce cars. Everything from blue jeans to soda bottles to used tires, in an effort to save the earth's precious resources. Visit for more information.