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Lit Motors C1

Lit Motors C1

We visit electric vehicle start-up Lit Motors to check the hottest EV on two wheels. The C1 from Lit Motors is a two wheeled electric vehicle that merges radical engineering with breath-taking design. Design was foremost in the mind of Founder, Daniel Kim: "Design is really important because of perceived value, but having something you can fall in love with is really important to me, and it’s been a while since I’ve fallen in love with a car. I wanted to rekindle that."

The C1 brings together the best two worlds, the safety and comfort of a car with the efficiency and romance of a motorcycle. The C1 gets top speeds of 120 miles per hour, can travel 200 miles per charge, and do 0 - 60 in six seconds, providing all the performance that you’re ever going to need. The performance and design are matched by state of the art technology.

Says Kim: "It’s technology that’s in the space station, or hubble space telescope, we just brought it to the consumer level. It’s a two wheeler, and we have two tops, gyros that counter rotate, counter possess, usually have to think about balance, but our gyro system that’s all electronically controlled basically eliminates the need to think about balance from side to side. Their target market are early adopters interested in technology, sustainability and practicality.

"The primary early adopters are ourselves, 20, 30-somethings who live in the city and urban driving is broken for us, motorcycles and scooters are great but not very safe" says Chief Marketing Manager Ryan James.

The nimble C1 will be able to slip through traffic, cutting about 50% off commute times. Initial production run will be about 100 units and that about ¾ of the way sold out of that. "There’s nothing else like this on the road.. don’t have to think about balancing, and its on two wheels. Really, it’s very, very exciting" says Kim.

Not quite a motorcycle, and not quite a car, the C1 is a whole new category of transportation, and best of all its all electric.

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