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Lit Motors Kubo Cargo Scooter

Lit Motors Kubo Cargo Scooter

Future360 revisits San Francisco based startup Lit Motors, where a team of 12 are busy redefining tomorrow’s transportation.

The second vehicle in development at this electric startup is the Kubo cargo scooter -- a truck on two wheels. "The electric architecture and battery pack brings a whole new opportunity for increased value and safety. Something that you couldn’t get with a petrol engine. Being able to carry large loads safely has never really been dreamed of," says CEO Daniel Kim.

With top speeds of 50 miles per hour and a range of 50 - 70 miles per charge, the cargo scooter will be priced competitively at less than $10K. But it’s the practical design that sets it apart. With 12.5 million scooters sold in India every year and 280 million scooters sold globally, the team is confident they’ll be plenty of demand for the cargo scooter.

Innovation can be found in all aspects of the cargo scooter. With its signature clean, white, elegant look inspired by Apple and Scandinavian design, the Kubo Cargo Scooter is unlike any other. Look out for this eye catching electric motor scooter in fall 2014.

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