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M2 Renewables

M2 Renewables

Future360 travels to Lake Forest, California, and Munich, Germany, to experience the latest in water reuse technology.

Water is the planet's most important resource. Global population growth and the effects of climate change will increase demand for this valuable commodity. M2 Renewable's patented process treats wastewater and then turns it into clean, renewable energy.

M2R's innovative process removes solids at the start of the wastewater treatment process, which means wastewater treatment plants can achieve substantial economic savings; a 90% savings in footprint, a 20 -- 80% reduction in energy costs, and a 50% cut in capital costs.

The technology is being used at a wastewater treatment plant in Adelanto, California. The process comprises two components. In phase one, a Microscreen removes solids at the beginning of the process. In phase two, a Modular Filtration system treats any remaining solids and dissolved organic materials.

Meanwhile in Munich, Germany, at a first of its kind gasification plant, clean energy technologies are being used to turn unwanted solid waste into renewable energy. By taking the waste out of waste water, and turning it that waste into clean, renewable energy, M2 Renewables provides a two stage solution for a more sustainable tomorrow.