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Rachel Barge: Top Three Ways to work with Mentors

Rachel Barge: Top Three Ways to work with Mentors

Future360 caught up with Rachel Barge of Greenstart to hear her Top 3 Ways to work with Mentors.

First. Identify "Who are the mentors I need"? What types of business leaders, technology leaders, what types of investors should surround my venture. Map out landscape and choose who your mentors should be.

Second. How do you invite those mentors to interact with you? How do you make it easy for them to do it? These are very busy people, if they are really worthwhile, they probably don’t have a lot of time. Figure out how to make it convenient and keep them in the loop. Make it feel like they are invested and it's easy for them to interact.

Third. Weigh their advice but recognizing that you’re the person that knows your business best and thinks about it everyday. You can’t take every single piece of advice they give you as the holy grail. Need to synthesize and think what makes the most sense and go from there.