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Rich Fernandez, Search Inside Yourself, Google

Rich Fernandez, Search Inside Yourself, Google

Future360 spoke with Rich Fernandez of Search Inside Yourself, Google's mindfulness based emotional intelligence program. Google's most popular course and is over subscribed every time it is offered. So much so that Google started a non-profit institute by the same name. Rich Fernandez and his colleagues outsource the content used in the Search Inside Yourself curricula offering it to other organizations.

Search Inside Yourself looks at the neural base of change -- behavior change, emotion regulation and self-mastery -- all the domains of emotional intelligence as enabled by mindfulness practices. Everything taught is evidence-based and rooted in science.

Fernandez believes that you have to start with yourself. For example, why should you care about sustainability? The answer can be found by searching inside and determining why this is important. The course enables people to drill down to their core values and motivations. This can hook to the notion of sustainability both personal and planetary.

People spend a lot of time trying to understand with their knowing minds. They don't do enough to try to understand with their intuitive self, which is more about being, and less about doing. When we're able to bring those online, we have greater access to insights, innovations, calmness and clarity which leads to self knowledge, self mastery and so on.

Google views these skills as fundamental, not just for performance and leadership, but for shaping culture. The course is based around the notion that emotional intelligence is a skill, and skills are trainable.
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