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Thomas Odenwald, Sustainability Strategies, SAP Labs

Thomas Odenwald, Sustainability Strategies, SAP Labs

Future360 spoke with Thomas Odenwald, SVP of Sustainability Strategies at SAP, a German multi national software company that provides enterprise software, applications, analytics, mobile and in memory technology to businesses.

SAP are looking to embed sustainability deeper into their supply chain. They seek to collaborate with suppliers to improve areas like energy consumption, emissions, and waste through the creation of data sets, which will reduce externalities like toxicity, waste and emissions.

SAP believes the solution to challenge of implementing sustainability across the value chain lies in integration. Stakeholders must pass on the information from the supply side to the design, manufacturing and logistics, and compile that information into an integrated report.

SAP touches 65% of global business transactions. Odenwald also makes the case that SAP also touches on 65% of carbon emissions, or waste streams. Imagine the impact if SAP's customers and partners were able to track and optimize their efforts to reduce externalities.

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