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Why early adopters love BMWi

Why early adopters love BMWi

We spoke with Uwe Dreher about BMWi which launched in 2011 and focuses on the topic of future mobility, especially in urban centers. Are ten years of being deployed in megacities, BMW saw the change in consumer behavior. Consumers are demanding sustainable cars and a more relaxed driving experience.

BMW believes that sustainability is the basis of all future business. They believe in long term thinking and the need to invest in the future. Fossil fuels have two problems: they emit CO2; and they are running out.

BMW targets early adopters who fall into two categories. The first are tech lovers who are extrinsically motivated and want to one up the neighbors. The second understand the circle of live, they are intrinsically motivated, who want to drive an electric car because its sustainable. These are the two groups that BMW target before the trend filters through to the mainstream.

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