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Victor Westerlind: Top 3 Tips for Getting VC Funds

Victor Westerlind: Top 3 Tips for Getting VC Funds

Future360 met with Victor Westerlind of RockPort Capital to get the skinny on the Top 3 Tips for Getting VC Funds. Insights include: knowing your market; being passionate; and having a credible plan.

“First of all, really know your market. Many times people come in with a great technology idea and aren’t as clear about the market. Really know your market and what the value proposition is to that customer, and how you reach that customer. Second, I’d say be passionate. Make sure you absolutely love what you are doing and that’s the best way to be completely immersed and involved and credible because when your passionate you will learn everything possible around that. Third, have a credible plan and be realistic about the resources needed, the time needed and the people that you will need to accomplish those goals.”

Westerlind joined RockPort Capital in their Menlo Park, California office in 2008. Prior to that, he spent eight years as a venture capitalist at InterWest Partners working on investments in semiconductor, advanced materials, cleantech, wireless and enterprise hardware industries.

Westerlind is a big fan of the underdog, “the person who has a vision that few believe in, initially. But who, through persistence, makes progress that can change markets or industries.” He’s particularly interested about transportation, which he feels is rip for a new wave of innovation.