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Xtreme Power Energy Storage Solutions

Xtreme Power Energy Storage Solutions

Future360 travels to Austin, Texas to unearth a radical new energy storage technology. Xtreme Power's patented power cell promises to be a game changer in how renewable energy is integrated into the grid.

Xtreme Power is the developer and manufacturer of large-scale energy storage and power systems. "Wind and solar are great resources to have....the disadvantage is that they are not always predictable," says CEO of Xtreme Power, Carlos Coe. With their ability to digitally manipulate power, Xtreme Power technology can boost output from a wind or solar farm, turning a variable power source into firm dispatchable power.

Xtreme has won several contracts to install its storage systems at wind farms in Hawaii. One of these is at the Kahuku wind farm on the island of O'ahu where Xtreme's 15 MW systems is helping power the entire north side of the island.

With the market for energy storage at $125 billion globally, Xtreme is well poised to take advantage of a wide range of applications from renewables integration to mission critical back up installations.