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Houwelings Tomatoes

Houwelings Tomatoes

Future360 visits Houwelings Tomatoes where tomatoes are grown in 125 acres of greenhouses powered by the clean energy.

Situated an hour outside Los Angeles, in Camarillo, California, Houwelings Tomatoes fuses nature with technology to produce millions of tomatoes every year. Leading the company, is extreme innovator and CEO, Casey Houweling.

The company’s philosophy is firmly rooted in pragmatism. While they need to use energy, fertilizer, water and other raw materials. Efforts are made to minimize the use of those resources.

Renewable energy is produced by five acres of solar photovoltaics. Rainwater is captured and cleaned via reverse osmosis and recirculated back into the farm. 90% of all waste is recycled. Excess heat is collected from refrigeration and solar thermal and used to heat the greenhouse. And then there’s the greenhouse itself, which uses 24 times less land than field farming.

The company purchased two GE co-generation engines that converts natural gas into 8.8 mw of power. Additionally, waste heat from the exhaust and engine oil will be used to heat for the greenhouse for thermal energy, and CO2 is stripped from the exhaust and used as a fertilizer for the greenhouse. The engine will be running at almost 100% efficiency with any excess power being fed back into the grid.